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Our maternity Shorts is a real musthave!

It perfectly correspond to the expectations and needs of future mothers. It is a classical short lengthened by 10 cms (4 inch) which covers the thighs. We have developed this product for women who suffer from skin problems. Heat and perspiration give rise to disagreable skin sores along the thighs. By lengthening by 10 cms (4 inch) this problem is solved. Of course, the short remains invisible underneath a dress or skirt. With the short MAMSY, your silhouette remains gracious and perfect throughout your pregnancy due to the shapewear effect. Our Shorts are seamless and give you the shapewear effect. It produces a girdle curved effect without the sensation of feeling tight in your lingerie. You certainly have been faced with a problem of a dress which falls well but due to the stitching and seams of your underwear, you have experienced unpleasant rolls. This is the ocassion to try-on the “shapewear” effect of lingerie for pregnant women MAMSY (Makes Me SlimmY). Your dress falls perfectly on you. Stiching, kept to a minimum, and extremely streachable cloth are the advantages of MAMSY (Makes Me SlimmY).

Composition of your underwear. 90% Polyamide and 10% elastane.

Available sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL, XXXL/XXXXL.


Maternity Shorts Black


Maternity Shorts Skin